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We are very pleased that Caparone wines have attracted the attention of some outstanding writers who focus on Italian wines, including Tom Maresca

Charles Scicolone  and Ed McCarthy.  We're honored that these folks with their deep knowledge of the great European wines enjoy what we make!



Articles on Caparone wines by Tom Maresca:


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Reviews Of Individual Wines:


2012 Zinfandel:

"It was lovely, full of classic Zinfandel brambly, berry-ish flavors, but restrained and polished rather than exuberant and in-your-face."

Tom Maresca, Tom's Wine Line


1996 Sangiovese:

"Caparone's 1996 Sangiovese was even more impressive than the 2014.  With the additional age, the tannin and acidity integrated into the wine, making it perfect to drink now at age 22."

Ed McCarthy- Wine Review Online


2014 Nebbiolo:

"Caparone has managed to do what no one outside of Italy has done.  They have made not one --but three-- Cal-Ital wines tha have the aromas and flavors of their Italian forebears. 

I am a Nebbiolo lover, and am usually disappointed with any Nebbiolo wine not from Italy's Piedmont region.  But Caparone's 2014 captures the quality of fine Nebbiolo. Most fine Nebbiolos such as Caparone's 2014 exhibit aromas of roses.  The wine also shows hints of strawberries and Nebbiolo's tar and licorice aromas and flavors.  It was my favorite wine of a great tasting."

Ed McCarthy, Wine Review Online


2002 Sangiovese, Nebbiolo and Aglianico:

"All three are superb examples of their variety, although not Tuscan, not Piedmontese, not Campanian, and not what I think of as brash California style either.  But richly fruited, balanced, restrained, and elegant wines they emphatically were.  They remained extraordinarily fresh despite their almost fifteen years of very mediocre storage with me."

Tom Maresca, Tom's Wine Line


1974 Cabernet Sauvignon:

"Well the short story is that the wine was sensational -- still fresh, deeply flavored and beautifully balanced.  We all loved it."

Tom Maresca, September 2018